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 NameLevel Media Website City State
Yu-Chu LinElected Membership $70|70PastelsMineola
Diego Bolivar LasanskyElected Membership $70|70GraphicsIowa City
Andrew KusminElected Membership $70|70Aquamediakusminarts.comManomet
Robert KellyElected Membership $70|70SculptureRoswell
Meng-Lung HsiehElected Membership $70|70PastelsFlushing
Susan HotardElected Membership $70|70Oils/AcrylicsThe Woodlands
Theresa HeidelElected Membership $70|70Aquamediatheresatroiseheidel.comRidgefield Park
Janet HandlerElected Membership $70|70SculptureNew York
Mel GreifingerElected Membership $70|70Oils/AcrylicsFloral Park
Jim GreenElected Membership $70|70Oils/Acrylicsartbyjimgreen.comFlourtown
Elena FattakovaElected Membership $70|70Cortland Manor
Diana DeSantisElected Membership $70|70PastelsWhitestone
Jose del RiegoElected Membership $70|70Pastelsjosedelriego.esSarasota
Bonnie ChristyElected Membership $70|70Oils/AcrylicsSan Francisco
Zlatina CholakovaElected Membership $70|70New York
Lee-Hui ChiuElected Membership $70|70PastelsChino
Lisa BuddElected Membership $70|70AquamediaWest Creek
John BalsamoElected Membership $70|70Sculpturejohnbalsamo.comNew York
Eluisa AltmanElected Membership $70|70SculptureBogota
Tricia ZimicElected Membership $70|70Sculpturetriciazimic.comUpper Black Eddy
San San YuElected Membership $70|70AquamediaRockville
Phil YehElected Membership $70|70PastelsPoughkeepsie
Nancy YangElected Membership $70|70PastelsNew York
Tamara WoronczukElected Membership $70|70
Idaherma WilliamsElected Membership $70|70GraphicsPrinceton
 NameLevel Media Website City State

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