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Lynda BottemElected MembershipGraphicsPlanoTexas
argiro agelarakisAssociate MembershipCollage/MMargiesart.comNew York
Wilmer Louis AndersonElected Membership $70|70AquamediaWisconsin
Robin BaratzElected Membership $70|70Oils/AcrylicsNewtonMassachusetts
Phil YehElected Membership $70|70PastelsPoughkeepsieNew York
Jessica HancockAssociate Membership $40|40Aquamediajhancockart.comNoblesvilleIndiana
Joseph LosoncziElected Membership $70|70Oils/AcrylicsJackson HeightsNew York
William BrodyElected Membership $70|70Oils/Acrylicswbrody.comHollyMichigan
Mary Ann D'AmbruosoAssociate Membership $40|40Pastelslagioiavita.comMiddleburyConnecticut
Douglas AjaElected Membership $70|70Sculptureartistsforconservation.orgWaterfordVermont
Karen IsraelElected Membership $70|70Pastelsartbykarenisrael.comWest HartfordConnecticut
Tom BaileyAssociate Membership $40|40PastelsTomBaileyArt.comMassachusetts
Sally RuddyElected Membership $70|70Oils/Acrylicssallyruddy.comWaterfordCalifornia
Mark WellesElected Membership $70|70SculptureRosalyn
Frank WebbElected Membership $70|70AquamediaPittsburgh
May Rolstad TrienElected Membership $70|70New York
Mark RuffElected Membership $70|70SculptureFlushing
Peggy RoseElected Membership $70|70PastelsWest Windsor
Robert PillsburyElected Membership $70|70West Long Branch
Rick PerezElected Membership $70|70Oils/AcrylicsWEEBLY.COMNew York
Patricia McCandlessElected Membership $70|70Paoli
Alexandra MartinElected Membership $70|70SculptureBelmar
Mary Beth MariniElected Membership $70|70SculptureFlushing
Roy MadsenElected Membership $70|70Sculpturelafogg.comSan Diego
Yvonne LiuElected Membership $70|70PastelsNY
 NameLevel Media Website City State

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