Audubon Artists 78th Annual Exhibition Online
November 1st, 2020 through 2021

During these stressful times we need art more than ever.  So instead of the planned two month long online exhibit, we have decided to stay closely  connected with our members by extending our online 78th Annual Exhibition to run from November 1st, 2020 through 2021.

Don’t forget each member can submit two COVID Inspired Art pieces for exhibition.

Audubon Artists Online Show Navigation Guidelines

  1. Pass cursor (stylus, finger, etc.) over image to expose middle white arrow and click or tap anywhere on the image to begin the five second pausing automatic “Slide Show”…To pause, click on middle bars or return to play.
  1. Click or tap on image in direction of left or right arrow to proceed manually.
  1. Double click or tap on image to bring up “enlargement”…Click on bottom arrow to bring up symbols for “play”; “pause”; “show specs info and hide specs”; and “full screen”…….Hit play for a three second pausing automatic “Slide Show” of enlargements and to move forward or backward manually simply click or touch arrows on either edge.
  1. Click on the “x” on the upper right of image to return to all medium categories.
Alison Cattan
Aquamedia 11x14 $450
Pi Wang Orchid, CollageMM 104x76 $3,500
Mary Webber, Provincetown Marina, Graphics 19x27 $990
Tricia Zimic, Night Song, Oils/Acrylics 28x-32 $4,500
Phil Yeh, Vera, Pastels 25x19 $800
Miklos Sebek, Musician, Sculpture, 18x6x5, $8,500