“Fury” by Douglas Aja, Sculpture Bronze

You may wish to establish an Award to honor a living or deceased member of Audubon Artists or in the memory of someone special. Please email President, Vincent Nardone to discuss your remembrance or donation.
You may also email us for a customized online payment link: audubonartists@gmail.com  or use a combination of the donation amounts on the payments page to total your desired donation amount.
Vincent Nardone President, Audubon Artists nardoneart@comcast.net

Audubon Artists, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations may be tax deductible, please consult your tax adviser.

Our 2020 Donors
The Executive Board wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the following donors: Your donations are very much appreciated and help the organization provide  Awards for the Annual Exhibit.

Gold Donors ($100 and above)

Louis Anderson
Natalie Becker
Linda Bottem
Jason Chang*
Evelyn Floret*
Jose Del Riego
David Jaycox
Carol Chase* and Tom Jory*
Judith Moroney
Vincent Nardone*
Kasey Passaic
Arnold Prywes
Christina Sanes*

Silver Donors (up to $100)
Joseph Bergholm
William Brody
Janet Campbell
Jessica Castillo
Chris Conover
Elizabeth Diaz
Deb LaFogg Docherty
Carmen Frank
Randy Globus
Elaine Gromer
Marian Sims Harris
Mary Ann Heinzen
Lee Hutt
Susann Hyman
Karene Infranco
Jenny Lin*
Arlette Malivernier
Marie-Paula Martin*
Georgene McGonagle
DeAnn Prosia
Selva Sanjines
Michael Scherfen
Tatyanan Teichberg
Idaherma Williams
Tricia Zimic


*Denotes member of the Board of Trustees; these members also support Audubon Artists financially in addition to countless volunteer hours to govern our organization.
Last update on 12/13/2020