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You may wish to establish an Award to honor a living or deceased member of Audubon Artists or in the memory of someone special. Please email Second Vice-President, Vincent Nardone to discuss your remembrance or donation. You may also email us for a customized online payment link:  or use  the buttons below or on the payments page to total your desired donation amount. Vincent Nardone Second Vice-President, Audubon Artists

Audubon Artists, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations may be tax deductible, please consult your tax adviser.

**Contributions to Support Audubon Artists**

Your donation will be used to help defray costs associated with providing awards and running a respected national art organization.
Your name will be listed on our website and in our newsletter. Thank you for support. Platinum Sponsors $200 plus, Gold Sponsors up to $200, Silver Sponsors up to $100.00

David Pena Memorial Award Fund

Carmine John Palermo Memorial Award


Our 2022 Donors
The Executive Board wishes to acknowledge the generosity of the following donors: Your donations are very much appreciated and help the organization provide  Awards for the Annual Exhibit.

Platinum Donors ($200 and above)
Natalie Becker*
Evelyn Floret*
Oscar Magnan
Dianne Nungesser
Christina Sanes

Gold Donors ($100 and above)
Lynda Bottem
Chris Conover
Lisa Gleim
Josephine Guscott
Karene Infranco
Judith Moroney
Vincent Nardone*
Arnold Prywes
Sally Ruddy
Mary Smith
Judy Stach

Silver Donors (up to $100)
Randy Globus
Marian Sims Harris
Shu-ya Hsu
Marie-Paule Martin
DeAnn Prosia
Paula Shipman
Tricia Zimic

*Denotes member of the Board of Trustees; these members also support Audubon Artists financially in addition to countless volunteer hours to govern our organization.