Portrait by David Beynon Pena
Portrait by David Beynon Pena

Standing room only was the scene from Audubon’s reception as we celebrated our 77th Annual at the historic Salmagundi Club, NYC.  Orchestrating the entry process by our Administrator with her Medium Directors was the foundation of this venue.  They gave the show’s “hanging team” 200 eclectic art works to masterly beautify the walls and pedestals in the Salmagundi galleries…. paving the way for our museum art curator, Harry Bower, to carefully generate his fifty-one award picks as shown on our website.         

 In keeping with tradition, several award sponsors made their way to the podium to present awards to the winners. And commentaries were in order for both sponsors and excited winners. How fortunate we were to have Kathy Engel, the granddaughter of our founder Michael Engel Sr. accept an invitation to present her three major sponsored awards, and to reflect on Audubon’s history. Done through the eyes of her grandfather as well as her father, who played a major role as President and Historian during Audubon’s formative years, Kathy played



out the historic role of her family’s contributions in shaping this prestigious art society. Also honored was her grandmother and former Audubon member Mary Black Diller as sponsor of the Memorial Illustrators Award in Graphics.

                And for those fortunate to be in attendance, our guest speaker W. Carl Burger provided insightful, and hilarious entertainment. As the most senior Honorary Member of this art society, the Art Professor Emeritus Burger had no qualms about jabbing current “intellectual” art movements; but he was quite generous with accolades about our exhibit.

                Nothing but positive feedback was shared from members receiving the Anniversary catalog, as championed by Editor and First V.P. Evelyn Floret.  After a dedicated two-year project of compiling historic documents and featuring that 2017 art exhibit, this catalog is worthy of a “coffee table” display with additional copies available from our Checkout section.   

             I’d like to reach out to those exhibitors who now qualify for Elected Membership after being in three jury shows with us to contact me to become a member of our Audubon family. Also, anyone interested in starting a memorial award for a deceased member of our art society can contact me or to support an ongoing annual sponsorship for our former beloved president David Beynon Pena ‘s memorial award which is set up in the Checkout section of our website (www.audubonartists.org)

                In preparation for another onsite exhibit at the Salmagundi Club in the fall of 2020, please take advantage of our website digital communications as well as e-blasts and our seasonal Newsletters. Enjoy the featured artist tribute which is highlighted in every issue has become a traditional “gem” with us. Your accomplishments and newsworthy events are always welcome to be inclusive with this electronic medium. As a bonus with membership, consider processing a link from the Membership list in our website to your website.

                In closing, acknowledgements are in order for our sponsors of awards and to those donors who help with Audubon’s ongoing operations.     

                                                                                      Vincent J. Nardone, President