Presidential Message

Portrait by David Beynon Pena

Portrait by David Beynon Pena


As I presided over the 2018 reception ceremony for Audubon’s 76th onsite exhibit, it was easy to acknowledge my “hanging team” for such a beautiful display in the Salmagundi Club galleries. The wonderful turnout at this fall event was a tribute to our supporters and aficionados who shared in another memorable venue.

There are so many components that are provided by our Board members and Administrator to facilitate such a smooth process in “pulling it all together”.  They finally wound up targeting 180 eclectic art works in six medium categories.  Then our esteemed awards juror, Geri Thomas with a creditable fine arts appraising and consulting background, weighed in to grant her award choices. At the end of the awards process, Geri delivered this astute commentary: “It was a pleasure to view and assign awards to a remarkable group of accomplished and interesting artists. What would the world be without the innovation and creativity that artists bring into our lives.” These 50 award winners and their works are currently viewable on our website.


Audubon has continued on with a recent tradition of inviting our sponsors to make presentations to the award winners. Commentaries from those award winners added a personal touch by complimenting the otherwise routine handing out of certificates.

Seeing our Associates step up for recognition with major and minor awards is always an uplifting experience. Out of this group will emerge our next generation of Elected Members, after achieving three jury shows with us. Their role is now defined to carry on the legacy of Audubon Artists.

Kudos to Evelyn Floret, the leader of the 2017 Anniversary catalog team and its designer Joe Villa in producing Audubon’s greatest and most historic publication. This catalog highlights 75 years of existence from Audubon’s inception in 1942.  Imagine that all the exhibitors and award winners during this anniversary year will have their art images documented. With the cooperation of the New York Historical Society and the Smithsonian Institute, the catalog team featured all the catalog covers and important artifacts. Included are special interviews and articles about notable members as well as commentaries from all of our Honorary Members.  So after one year of research and documentation, we are ready to receive this printed catalog during early spring of 2019.

In order to highlight one of our digital services, the seasonal website newsletter will keep us informed, as we prepare for another onsite venue scheduled for the fall of 2019. Also this electronic communication is a great vehicle for our members to share their accomplishments and newsworthy events. The “featured artist” tribute in every issue has become a popular tradition and is establishing a norm amongst other art societies. All our previous issues are documented for review in the Newsletter library of our website and contact with our Newsletter Editor can address your needs.

Finally, let me acknowledge the role of our sponsors who underwrite many important awards and to reach out to all our other supporters to consider financial donations for Au’s ongoing operations. Please consider starting a memorial award for a beloved deceased Audubon member. Your ongoing support is vital in reaching the next milestone for the Centennial.

Vincent J. Nardone, President

March 2019