75th Anniversary Annual Exhibition Artists

Congratulations to the following Audubon Artists whose work has been accepted in the 75th Annual Exhibition


Susanna Anastasia, Jersey Shore
Wilmer Anderson, Wisconsin Winter IX
John Angelini, New Day
Carol Brody, Party Papers, Ribbons and Red Confetti
Lisa Budd, Yellow Jacket
Diana Burchfield, Shadows In Battery Park
W. Carl Burger, Fantastic Landscape
Dan Burt, Gulf Group
Alison Cattan, Maine
Carol Chase-Jory, Yellow Magnolia in Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Frank Colaguori, Broken Blind
Doris Davis-Glackin, Maine Remembered
John deSoto, Breeze walk
Evelyn Dunphy, Color Of Sky and Stone
Z Feng, The Officer
Theresa Troise Hedel, Le Provencal
David Jaycox Jr, Two Artists: Intense Focus
Cheryl Johnson, East Door – Baltic Mills
Mona Kirk, Kayla
Lynne Kroll, The Secret Life of Birds
ZhiFang Liao, Spring Songs
Pei-Dau Liu, One night at Times Square
Calvin Lynch, Spring Snow
Kristie Madsen, Himalayan Monals in Bloom
Marie-Paule Martin, Catherine in Waiting
Antonio Masi, Last Light of Day
Elise Morenon, Tweet
Pat Morgan, Pears in Sepia
Lucia Murphy, Lost in the Catskills
Marie Natale, Spring Blooms
Dianne Nungesser, Water World
Ann Pember, River Reverie
Joanne Pisapia, Twilight Floral
Lana Privitera, The Glass Decanter
Deborah Redden, Savannah Morning
Ellen Ricci, Pensive
Denise Rolland, Flowers and Fruit
Michael Scherfen, Piano Man
Pam Sharp, Haribon Eagle
Joan Wallace, Talia
Sharon Way-Howard, The Monarch & The Thistles
Frank Webb, Grain
San-San Yu, Country Road after Rain


Carolyn Antonucci-Almeida,Elza Under the Big Top
Jeffrey Berman, Family Outing
Edith Rae Brown, Floating Away and Out of Reach
Zlatina Cholakova, Post Factum
Vicky Culver CAN CAN!
Myrna DeJesus, Voyage
Gary Erbe, Jazz
Elena Fattakova, The Oracle
Vivian Fliegel Just The Two Of Us
Ellen Gordon,Dandies
Olivia Koopalethes Alberts,Cerography
Louis Lambros, Cactus Walk
Robert Pillsbury, Old Farm Road
Anne Plaisance, Born to be Abused
Carmen Porfido, Driftwood
Gail Postal, Cynthia
Ellen Price, Weicome to the Jungle
Mike Quon, Typewriter Remix
Mary Ridge, Waiting for the 14A
Luis Rojas, La Reyna Morena
Christina Sanes, Honoring the Past
Ming-chuan Sher,Shining Stars of Love
Elizabeth Vazquez, Avocets
Joseph Villa, Dream State
Tamara Woronczuk, Grey Crowned Crane


Linda Adato, Skylight
Michael DiCerbo, A Clear Night In Gotham
Marian Harris, Sonoma Cactus
Martha Ives, Tango Egyptico Version 1
Joan Lane,Toxic Legacy
Stanley Maltzman, Labors of Yesteryear
Masaaki Noda, Reminiscence
Leslie Ovechka, Upper West Side Evening
Bill Ross, The Narcissist
Ellen Singer, The Great Tent
Judith Stanley, Moroney Desolation
Angela Stratton, Surprise
May Trien, Dark Eyes
Annamarie Trombetta, Sunrise Midday Sunset Bridge
Mary Webber, Pines,Peonies, and Pheasants
Idaherma Williams, Cabin by the Sea
Patricia Wynne, San Marco Horse A


Mary Austin, Chillin’
Del-Bourree Bach, On the Wings of the Storm
John Balsamo, The Struggle
Natalie Becker, Twilight in the Garden
Katherine Bleser, Birds of Paradise
William Brody, Curtain Call
Eunice Bronkar, Fall Across the Road
Michael Budden, Winter Wonderland the Plaza Hotel
Niamh Butler, Eirik den Raude
Donna Catotti, Dream Studies
George Chosich, Thinking About You
Bonnie Christy, Sassafras and Company
Elaine Clayman, The Doorman of New York
James DePietro, Shadow Series – Elegy (Peonies)
Jomarie DiLiorio, Yellow Roses Among Apples and Chinese Ginger Jar
Deborah Dorsey, Peace in the Forest
Robert Feinland, Monhegan Village, the Cemetery, and Manana
Tim Gaydos, Dinnertime
Elaine-Angel Gomer, Landing
Jim Green, Chanticleer Farm
Mikhail Gubin, Shade
James Harrington, Barney Hodes
Linda Hejduk, Santorini Dwelling
Susan Hotard, Got Attitude
Patricia Hutchinson, Emmy
Donald Jones, The Front Angle
Jaunita Jones, The Interloper
Nikos Kalamaras, Grapes and Strawberries
William Kennon, Brennan Courthouse – After the Rain
Nam Soon Kim, US Coast Guard passing under the Brooklyn Bridge
Jane Klesh-Butkovsky, Crossing
Abby Lammers, Gloucester Above The Harbor
Emily Lee, Old Russian Lady
Hwa-Wei Ling, Morning Mist
Johanna Lisi, Gachot On Washington Street With Ronnie DeNota
Nina Martino, Drexel Peck Center vis-à-vis Cira Centre
Eric Michelson, Self Portrait
Anthony Migliaccio, Walking Bridge
Arlene Newman, Clint Eastwood
Carmine Palermo, “Last Supper, Then and Now”
Lisa Palombo, Peak Season at Presby
Steven Parton, Enough
Rick Perez, Woman with a 45rpm Adapter Pendant
Louis Riccio, Counting Sheep
Sally Ruddy, Ooh La La Bleu
Mitzura Salgian, Time Turf
Melinda Saminski, Portrait of Teddy
Jenae Schwartz, Melange
J. Elaine Senack, Mourning Dove Preening
Mary Smith, After the Storm
Judy Stach, Berkshires
Aleta Rossi Steward, The Path to the Pond
Margaret Sun, Park
Joseph Sundwall, Remembering
Tatyana Teichberg, Oblivion
Barbara Tigrett, The Moon in her Chariot of Pearls
Elizabeth Torak, Poultry Prep
Thomas Torak, The Red Bowl
Villo Varga, Our Ancestors’ Route: The Silk Road
Charles Young Walls, She Beguiles in Red
Craig Watts, Dandelion Delight
Douglas Wiltraut, Stowaway


Rita Agron, Late Afternoon
Marilyn Caissy, Shades of Blue
Amy Chang, Summer Splash
Shu Ling Chang, Ali Mountain Train
Jason Chang, Morning in the Country Side
Sheree Chang-Chien, The Roses
PinNan Chen, Dewned
Lee-Hui Chiu, Life in the Old Town
Lisa Cunningham, Weathered Spring Hills
JoseDel Riego, Boats at Night
Lisa Gleim, Summer Wave
Betz Green, Joseph 2
Julie Hopkins, Taking Root
Chinhwa Huang, Scarecrow
Lynn Hwang, Desert Beauty
Karen Israel, Production Number
Christine Ivers, Ticket to Ride
Yu Chin Kuo, Country View
Deborah LaFogg Docherty, The Mighty
Judith Leeds, Jackie
Jianhua Li, Garden Under Rock Hills
Shenghui Lin, Take A Rest
Yu-wei Lin, Lake Matheson
Esther Lin, Fishing Village
Jenny Lin, Refection 2, NYC-Chelsea
Roberta Mei-Chu Lin, My Back Yard Pears
Yuchu Lin, The Way Home
Yu-Yung Lin, The Rising Dragon
Cindy Liu, Harvest
Davy Liu, Serendade
Yvonne Liu, Pink Lotus in the Morning
Arlette Malivernier, Atlas
Liz Masi, The Queen
M Kathryn Massey, Drifting
Jacqueline Meyerson, Rubber Band Ball
Maceo Mitchell, 42 Pears
Vincent Nardone, Back Bay Whimsy
Tienyi Peng, Colored Carp
Elizabeth Rhoades, Song of the Tree Frogs
Peggy Rose, Season of Malice
Hui Min Shih, Fishing Village
Rae Smith, Quite Pond Reflections
Susan Story, Dappled Hill
Marie Sheehy Walker, Laura in the Blue Sweatshirt
Huei Mei Wang, Forest Trail
Marlene Wiedenbaum, Rock Hill Snow I
Jane Wright Wolf, Safe Harbor Ushuaia
Derfu Wu, Altas Moths
Nancy Yang, Crimson Joy
Rhoda Yanow, The Race
Phil Yeh, Focus
Tong Wei Zhang, Lobster
Andrea Zucker, Whispering Flowers


Douglas Aja, Fury
George Anthonisen, Prayer
Eirik Arnesen, The Dereliction of Self
Joy Beckner, Miss Me
Miguel Castillo, South Gate
Deborah Dendler, Attitude
Julie Fisher, Women
Evelyn Floret, Longing
Carmen Frank, The Dance
Debra Friedkin, Like Moths to a Flame
Buren Gilpin, Beneath the Surf
Susann Hyman, Big and Beautiful
Kristina Kossi, Cannon and Gigue
Estelle Lippman, Fleur
Gwen Marcus,The Tempest
Alexandra Martin, Fist: A Self Portrait
Georgene McGonagle, Hawk Eye
Anthony Padovano, Garden Piece
Arnold Prywes, On the Ball
Carl Raven, Her
Selva Schenkman Sanjine, Reclining Nude
Larry Scaturro, Yoga Stretch
Miklos Sebek, Origin No.3.
Rhoda Sherbell, The Sisters
Marilyn Simon, Ceramic Faces Triptych
Barbara Smith, Running For Survival
Maurice Stern, Mimi
Mark Welles, Airielle
Jeremiah Welsh, Mayflies and Trout Rise, Okutama River
Tricia Zimic, Envy

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