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Jersey Shore, Aquamedia
Susan Anastasia, Jersey Shore, Aquamedia 16x20 $1,500
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Collage/ Mixed Media

Elza Under the Big Top, CollageMM
Carolyn Antonucci-Almeida, Elza Under the Big Top, CollageMM 20x16 $675
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Skylight, Graphics
Linda Adato, Skylight, Graphics 16x20 $400
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Oils/ Acrylics

Chillin', OilsAcrylics
Mary Austin, Chillin', OilsAcrylics 19.5x23.5 $900
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Late After Noon, Pastels
Rita ArgonLate After Noon, Pastels18x24 $3,500
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Fury, Sculpture
Douglas Aja, Fury, Sculpture Bronze 12x18x11 $5,500
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